Homogeneously weldable shaped element for exterior corners in the SOLITEX WELDANO roof lining system



  • Ho­mo­gen­eously weld­able in the SOLI­TEX WELDANO sys­tem with a welding liquid or with heat
  • Excellent reliability for this vulnerable joint thanks to prefabrication
  • Extremely high tear-resistance
  • Non-slip and abrasion-resistant surface
  • Can be easily adapted for smaller independent adhesive strip lengths, for example, using a knife or scissors


For reliable installation of joints at exterior corners within the SOLITEX WELDANO system. The permeable shaped element, which is supplied pre-welded, can be welded to the pro clima SOLITEX WELDANO roof lining membrane in a homogeneous manner in terms of materials using the system solvent welding agent or hot air. In this way, the shaped element can seal this vulnerable joint in a simple, permanently reliable manner.

Technical specs

Membrane, both sides Polyurethane
Substructure fleece Polyester
Attribute Value Norm
Colour blue
Length of independent adhesive strips 150 mm ; 5.9"
Thickness 0.8 ±0.05 mm ; 31 ±2 mils EN 1849-2
Water vapor resistance factor µ 225 EN ISO 12572
sd-value 0.18 ±0.04 m EN ISO 12572
g-value 0.9 ±0.2 MN·s/g
Vapor permeance 18.22 US perms ASTM E 96
Reaction to fire E EN 13501
Exposure time 3 months
Water column > 4 000 mm EN 20811
Water tightness non-aged/aged* W1 / W1 EN 1928
Artificial ageing by long term passed EN 1297 / EN 1296
Flexibility at low temperature -20 °C ; -4 °F EN 1109
Temperature resistance permanent -40 °C to 100 °C ; -40 °F to 212 °F

General conditions

The membrane edges are to be welded using the WELDANO TURGA system solvent welding agent or a hot air gun. The welding area must be dry and free of frost, dust and grease. If dirt (e.g. oil) is stuck to the surface, moisten a cloth lightly with WELDANO TURGA system solvent welding agent and use it to clean off this dirt. Both sides of the membrane can be welded and are suitable as upper layers.

Welding with a solvent welding agent can be carried out at temperatures above 0 °C (32 °F). Please observe the hazard notices on the container.

If a hot air gun is being used, we recommend a temperature of around 220 to 280 °C (430 to 530 °F) depending on the ambient temperature and wind conditions. Test this setting by carrying out a test weld on a sample piece of membrane. A 40 mm (1.6") nozzle width has been found to be suitable in practice for welded joints between surface membranes. A 20 mm (.8") nozzle may be more suitable in certain cases for more intricate joints.

As an alternative to the use of the WELDANO ROFLEX, WELDANO INVEX or WELDANO INCAV system shaped elements, these elements can also be made by cutting appropriate shapes out of SOLITEX WELDANO membranes.


Suitable for installation on pressure-resistant subsurfaces, e.g. wooden decking, wood-based panels and wood fibre underlay panels. The subsurface must be dry, free of frost, clean and free of any sharp-edged or pointed objects.

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Welding liquid in the SOLITEX WELDANO roof lining system

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