Window sealing tape for exterior use



  • Easy to work with: extra thin for easy folding in corner areas
  • Independently confirmed suitability: tests in accordance with MO-01/1 passed at IFT in Rosenheim (DE)
  • Reliable joints in combination with CONTEGA SL for interior use
  • Fleece side can be plastered over: defined transition between window or wind sealing and plaster
  • Flexible application: three adhesive strips for use with timber, masonry or concrete structures

Areas of application

For exterior windtight joints that are resistant to driving rain between windows or doors and adjacent building components, with three adhesive strips.

Technical specs

Backing double-layer special membrane made of PP fleece and TEEE functional film
Adhesive special acrylate adhesive
Property Value Regulation
Colour dark grey
sd value 0.05 m EN ISO 12572
g value 0.25 MN⋅s/g
Vapour permeance 65.6 US perms ASTM E 96
Outdoor exposure 3 months
Water column > 2 500 mm ; > 8' 2" EN ISO 811
Resistance to driving rain up to 600 Pa, surrounding ift, MO-01/1:2007-01, Abs. 5
Bonding requirement, non-aged/aged passed DIN 4108-11
Can be plastered over yes
Application temperature above -10 °C ; 14 °F
Temperature resistance permanent -40 °C to 90 °C ; -40 °F to 194 °F
Storage cool and dry