Below you will find a range of downloads and information resources for the international market.

We also have a comprehensive selection of documentation in local languages available for our markets in Germany, France, Switzerland (German/French) the Netherlands, Belgium (Flemish/French) and Estonia.

System and product brochures

Product presentations and background information on professional installation, building physics, coordinated product systems, solutions for detail features and application overviews

Window-sealing system brochures

CAD drawings in English

Click here to access our database of downloadable CAD drawings showing airtightness and windtightness sealing solutions for detail features in areas such as:

  • Base joints
  • Transitions between building components
  • Pitched roofs
  • Flat roofs
  • Windows etc.

With alternative variants in many cases. Grouped by construction method. Available as DWG files, DXF files or PDF files.

Background information

Thermal insulation physics is covered in detail in these studies on calculating the protection against moisture damage to thermal insulation structure in timber-built systems.

DoPs and MSDSs

Declarations of Performance (DoP) for a range of countries and languages are available here.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for a range of countries and languages are available here.

System warranties

10-year sys­tem war­ranties from pro clima

Warranty agreement - English
Warranty agreement - Australia
Warranty agreement - New Zealand
Gewährleistungsvereinbarung - deutsch/German
Gewährleistungsvereinbarung - Schweiz (de)/Switzerland (German)
Convention de garantie - français/French
Convention de garantie - Suisse (fr)/Switzerland (French)

Záruční Dohoda - český/Czech
Garantiileping - eesti keel/Estonian
Acuerdo de garantía - español/Spanish
품질보증 계약서 - 한국/Korean
Ábyrgðarsamningur - íslenska/Icelandic
Accordo di garanzia - italiano/Italian
Garantieovereenkomst - nederlands/Dutch
Dogovor o garancije - slovenščina/Slovenian

100 years of adhesion - confirmed by tests

Permanent airtightness with pro clima confirmed for TESCON VANA, UNI TAPE and TESCON No.1

Download the certificate of confirmation here:

100 years of adhesion - English
100 let lepicí síly - čeština/Czech
100 års klæbeevne - dansk/Danish
100 Jahre Klebkraft - deutsch/German
100 aastat kinnitus - eesti/Estonian
100 años fuerza adhesiva - español/Spanish
100 ans adhérence - français/French
100 anni di forza adesiva - italiano/Italian
100 gadi saķeres stiprība - latvijas/Latvian
100 metų sukibimo galia - lietuvos/Lithuanian
100 jaar kleefkracht - nederlands/Dutch
100 år klebevirkning - norsk/Norwegian
100 lat przyczepności - polski/Polish
ПОДТВЕРЖДЕНИЕ 100 лет - русский/Russian
100 let lepilnosti - slovenščina/Slovenian
100 vuotta liimausteho - suomi/Finnish
100 år häftförmåga - svenska/Swedish
テスコンNo1テープ 100 年 - 日本人/Japanese

Photographic images

Please note the following conditions:

  • The images can only be used in association with text that deals with pro clima products or subjects such as airtightness/wind sealing
  • Changes, photo excerpts or other reductions may not be carried out
  • Compression for the purposes of optimizing transfer times is allowed
  • The following source credit must be included: “Image: pro clima [year]”
  • Please send us a copy of your document in PDF form.

Image database