Maximum protection against mold and damage to structures

pro clima is one of the world leaders in airtightness and vapor control. pro clima’s intelligent membranes provide maximum drying potential for high performance enclosure assemblies–protecting roofs and wall structures with active moisture management while optimizing the effectiveness of thermal insulation.

pro clima helps to simplify building component integration and achieve successful project outcomes with systems that are airtight and moisture-regulating: intelligent high-performance vapor retarders, diffusion-open exterior wall and roof underlayment membranes, durable tapes, special adhesives, penetration gaskets, and other accessories.

All these components are high-quality products made in Germany, which enable designers and contractors to create well-insulated, durable and healthy structures. Motivated by personal relationships with our partners and our common interest in building great projects, pro clima engineers and field representatives work together to deliver the highest quality solutions for thermal envelopes for North American construction.

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