Intelligent, full-surface adhesive plaster and window sealing tape for interior and exterior use



  • Reliable installation: the same tape for interior and exterior use thanks to its intelligent functional membrane
  • Saves time: the joint is immediately windproof and resistant to driving rain, and it can be subjected to loading
  • Reliable joints: waterproof SOLID adhesive has extremely strong adhesion on mineral subsurfaces too
  • Extra thin: for easy folding in corner areas
  • Construction in adherence with standards: for airtight bonding in accordance with DIN 4108-7, SIA 180 and RT 2012
  • Fleece side can be plastered over: defined transition between window joints and plaster
  • Excellent values in the hazardous substance test, has been tested according to the ISO 16000 evaluation scheme

Areas of Application

For interior airtight joints between windows or doors and vapour retarder and airtight layers.
Thanks to its intelligent, humidity-variable functional membrane, CONTEGA SOLIDO IQ is also suitable for exterior windproof and rainproof joints.

Width split release film
80 mm 20/60 mm
100 mm 20/40/40 mm
150 mm 20/70/60 mm
200 mm 20/100/80 mm

Technical specs

Backing PP backing fleece, PE copolymer special membrane
Adhesive modified waterproof SOLID adhesive
Release film one or two split silicone-coated PE sheet
Attribute Value Norm
Colour black, print: green
sd-value humidity variable 0.4 - > 25 m EN ISO 12572
g-value humidity variable 2 - > 125 MN⋅s/g
Vapour permeance humidity variable < 0.13 - 8 US perms EN ISO 12572
Outdoor exposure 8 months
Water column > 2.500 mm EN ISO 811
Can be plastered over yes
Application temperature above -10 °C ; 14 °F
Temperature resistance permanent -40 °C to 90 °C ; -40 °F to 194 °F
Storage cool and dry