label "100 years adhesion"


  • Reliable functioning tested for 100 years

  • Independently confirmed

  • Minimum requirements significantly exceeded


  • Funcionamiento seguro para 100 años según ensayo

  • Confirmado por entes independientes

  • Exigencias mínimas superadas con creces


  • Fonctionnement fiable, testé pour 100 ans

  • Confirmation par un organisme indépendant

  • Exigences minimales largement dépassées


  • Sichere Funktion für 100 Jahre geprüft

  • Unabhängig bestätigt

  • Mindestanforderungen deutlich übertroffen

Thermal insulation and airtightness should remain effective for more than 50 years

Reliable adhesive bonds must be used on interior airtightness and exterior wind sealing. This applies both to the sticking of membranes to one another and also to the joints between membranes themselves and any penetrations or adjacent building components. Adhesion is important because these two levels ensure that the thermal insulation structure is effective and, at the same time, protects against mould and damage to structures. And everything should of course keep working in the long term – ideally for the entire service life of the building component, meaning at least 50 years.

Reliable functioning tested for 100 years

Independent tests have confirmed the exceptionally high quality of pro clima products

To provide even more reassurance in this regard, we have had the pro clima adhesive tapes TESCON VANA, TESCON No.1, UNI TAPE and the ORCON F joint adhesive tested independently by the University of Kassel. These three pro clima adhesive tapes and the joint adhesive are the only products that have demonstrated 100 years of adhesive performance in these tests. This is a unique achievement for all products worldwide. As a result, building structures are better protected in the long term.

Up to now, the durability of adhesive tapes and joint adhesives has not been regulated in an official manner. An extremely wide range of quality levels can be found on the marketplace – unfortunately including some products that are barely fit for purpose.

Reliable even in the presence of moisture

Vapour check or underlay membranes can easily become damp or even properly wet during installation. Rain or the formation of condensation on building component surfaces are unavoidable features of normal building sites. Anybody who doesn’t wish to compromise in terms of the durability of adhesive bonds or the practicalities of installation procedures should opt for TESCON VANA and the associated products. The waterproof pro clima SOLID acrylate adhesive guarantees reliable adhesive bonds for both interior and exterior applications – even in damp or wet conditions.



All-round adhesive tape with backing made from perforated PE film, for interior and exterior use

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