Double-sided nail-sealing tape



  • Very good sealing effect: sealing material is pulled into the hole created when a nail or screw is fitted
  • Conforms to regulations: satisfies the requirements of the German ZVDH trade association and of the Swiss SIA 232/1 standard
  • Reliable during the construction phase: suitable as a temporary covering during the construction period

Areas of application

Nail-sealing tape for use underneath counter battens for pitched roof structures. The use of nail-sealing tapes in combination with “underlay membranes with seam and perforation protection” (SOLITEX connect variants) is a required additional measure in the case of “more demanding requirements” (e.g. if the roof pitch is less than the standard roof pitch), according to the Central Association of the German Roofing Trade (ZVDH). If required, TESCON NAIDECK also serves as a suitable additional measure when creating a temporary covering.