Humidity-variable sealing strip



  • Time-saving installation: vapour check strips are pre-cut
  • Also suitable for building components with short-term moisture effects
  • Construction in adherence with standards: for airtight bonding in accordance with DIN 4108-7, SIA 180 and RE 2020
  • Protection in rough everyday building site environments thanks to robust fleeces
  • Excellent protection for building components thanks to humidity-variable diffusion resistance
  • Excellent values in hazardous substance testing, has been tested according to the ISO 16000 evaluation scheme

Areas of application

Strip for sealing over joints, e.g. at floor joints with concrete floors/ceilings, on wood-based panels, for use on the middle purlin (between middle purlin and rafters) for bonding with an adjacent airtight membrane, or as a repair strip for sealing leaks in a roof, wall, ceiling or floor.

Technical specs

Protective and covering fleece Polypropylene
Membrane Polyethylene copolymer
Property Value Regulation
Colour light grey
Surface weight 150 g/m² EN 1849-2
Thickness 0.45 mm EN 1849-2
Water vapor resistance factor µ 31 100 EN 1931
sd value 14 m EN 1931
sd value, humidity variable 0.25 - >25 m EN ISO 12572
g value 70 MN·s/g
g value, humidity variable 1.25 - >125 MN·s/g
Vapour permeance ASTM E96-A
Vapour permeance, humidity variable EN ISO 12572
Hydrosafe value (sd) 2 m DIN 68800-2
Surface burning characteristics ASTM E84
Fire rating E EN 13501-1
Outdoor exposure 2 months
Driving rain test passed ZVDH
Water column > 2 500 mm EN ISO 811
Water tightness to liquid water W1 EN 1928
Airtightness tested EN 12114
Tensile strength MD/CD 250 N/5 cm / 170 N/5 cm EN 12311-2
Elongation MD/CD 60 % / 60 % EN 12311-2
Nail tear resistance MD/CD 120 N / 120 N EN 12310-1
Durability after artificial ageing passed EN 1296
Temperature resistance permanent -40 °C to 80 °C ; -40 °F to 176 °F
Thermal conductivity 0.04 W/(m·K)
CE labelling yes EN 13984