System warranty

MOLL bauökologische Produkte GmbH provides a

10-year warranty

for the pro clima airtightness system and for individual pro clima construction products in combination with all approved thermal insulation materials and for the SOLITEX steep-roof and wall-sealing system if these products are installed solely in combination with pro clima standard products, insofar as products are available in the pro clima system for the relevant application.

6-year warranty

if the products are installed in combination with products from third parties.

The complete scope of these warranties can be found below.

Label "system warranty"

The benefits for you

  • Exact coordination of products with one another and with the relevant subsurfaces.
  • Selection of bonding products is made easy thanks to the pro clima application matrix.
  • 95% of pro clima products are installed on building sites within three months of being supplied by traders.
  • Warranty claims arising from purchase contracts for construction materials and building components generally expire after five years.
  • pro clima offers a system warranty of up to 10 years, which means you can count on us!

The system warranty that we offer is covered by our product liability insurance.