New-build house in suburban Tallinn, Estonia

Pleasant indoor and outdoor environments in tune with nature

This sleek new home was built in the Tallinn district of Pirita, an attractive suburb close to Baltic Sea beaches and harbours.

The house was designed with the dual goals of delivering a pleasant, healthy indoor climate and employing durable, sustainable solutions. The walls are made of MHM cross-layered nailed/glue-free solid timber elements. System solutions from pro clima have been used in the airtightness and vapour-barrier layer, for the roofing underlays and in ventilated external facades.

The house gets a lot of sunlight: the house is positioned in such a way that the kitchen is flooded with natural morning sunlight, while the evening sun shines into the living room and on the garde terrace. For summer sun protection, blinds are installed on the openings and skylights in the southern-facing facade. The phase shift of all structures is a minimum of 24 h.

The building has geothermal heating, which also pre-heats the incoming ventilation air. There is multi-zone, demand-based forced ventilation with heat recovery, which regulates the air exchange according to the CO2 concentration, relative air humidity and level of VOCs in the indoor air.

Ash wood and natural lime and clay plasters have been used for the interior finishes.

  • Construction year: 2021-2022
  • Location: Tallinn, Estonia
  • Architect: KAMP Architects
  • Construction type: MHM cross-layered solid wood, pre-fabricated elements
  • Builder-manufacturer: EstHus OÜ

The roof of this one-storey house features numerous different structural elements (pitched sections, flat roofs etc.), with many transitions between them.

The covered outdoor area for preparing food and entertaining guests features a cosy outdoor fireplace that provides warmth in wintertime.

The circulation area outside the sauna can be closed off from the living room for more privacy.

Ash has been used for the interior cladding and floors …

... and natural lime and clay plasters were used on the interior walls.

The outdoor lighting has been designed to highlight the architectural features of the house.


Floor plan

External views of building

Cross-sections of the building showing the structures of the external walls, load-bearing internal walls, non-load-bearing internal walls, and flat and pitched roof elements

How was this project implemented?

Installation of pre-fabricated timber elements

The internal airtightness of the walls, ceilings and roof was implemented using INTELLO membranes combined with TESCON VANA all-round adhesive tape.

The black SOLITEX FRONTA QUATTRO breather membrane was used as a discrete lining behind open-jointed cladding on the exterior walls.

The following pro clima products were used in this project: