Homogeneously weldable pipe grommet for roof pitches between 5° and 50° (1:12 - 14:12)



  • Keeps building components dry: windproof, rainproof and waterproof
  • Reliable seam tightness: homogeneously heat-weldable with a solvent welding agent or hot air
  • Easy to apply: extremely high tear-resistance and very stable
  • For sealing in the case of backed-up water, the flange can simply be extended using SOLITEX WELDANO-S 3000
  • For pipes with diameters of 90 - 125 mm

Areas of application

Homogeneously weldable pipe grommet for reliable installation of pipe feed-throughs within the SOLITEX WELDANO roof lining system. Suitable for roof pitches between 5° and 50°. The prefabricated grommet can be used to execute pipe feed-throughs in an easy, quick and permanently sealed manner.
To ensure a permanent seal even in the case of backed-up water, a strip of SOLITEX WELDANO-S 3000 must be welded to the resulting flange (see installation instructions).
The shaped element can be welded to the pro clima SOLITEX WELDANO 3000 roof lining membrane in a waterproof manner using the WELDANO TURGA system solvent welding agent or hot air.

Installation instructions

General conditions

When carrying out adhesion using hot air or a solvent welding agent, press the membranes firmly into place using a plastic roller, taking care to ensure that there is sufficient resistance pressure.
Rainproof and waterproof adhesion can only be achieved on roof lining membranes that have been installed with no folds or creases.


Before adhesion, SOLITEX WELDANO 3000 should be wiped clean with a cloth.
Adhesion to frozen surfaces is not possible. There must be no water-repellent substances (e.g. grease or silicone) on the membranes. Subsurfaces must be sufficiently dry and stable.

It is recommended that spot checks be performed to test the strength of the stuck joints.