Welding liquid



  • Economical to apply
  • Reliable homogeneous bonds can quickly be subjected to loading
  • Customised welding liquid as part of the SOLITEX WELDANO roofing underlay system

Areas of application

Welding liquid for waterproof adhesion of overlaps for roofing underlay membranes made of PU (e.g. SOLITEX WELDANO 3000). Also suitable for adhesion of system products – such as SOLITEX WELDANO-S 3000 sealing strips – that are used to seal details.

Technical specs

Component Tetrahydrofuran (90 %), Cyclohexanone (10 %)
Property Value Regulation
Colour transparent
Application temperature > 0 °C, optimally 18-20 °C ; 32 °F, optimally 64-68 °F
Storage 15 °C to 25 °C ; 60 °F to 77 °F, dry and well ventilated, only in the original container, keep away from heat and sources of ignition