Reinforced all-round hydrosafe® high-performance vapour check


  • Excellent protection against mould and moisture damage to structures thanks to humidity-variable diffusion resistance
  • Can be combined with all fibrous insulation materials
  • Easier handling: can be used with insulation installed between rafters or wall framework and with exterior insulation
  • Protects building structure against weathering during the construction phase for roof pitches of 10° (2.1:12) and higher
  • Protected winter building sites thanks to hydrosafe® behaviour
  • Excellent values in hazardous substance testing, has been tested according to the ISO 16000 evaluation scheme

Areas of application

For use on the inside of insulation installed between rafters or wall framework, or over a hard subsurface for use underneath exterior insulation in combination with all fibrous insulation materials – including blown-in insulation materials. This membrane can be permanently exposed to diffuse UV light – e.g. in unconverted spaces without inner cladding. It can be used on building components that are diffusion-open to the outside or are diffusion-tight, e.g. pitched, flat or green roofs, after appropriate design calculations have been carried out.

Installation instructions

General conditions

pro clima INTELLO X PLUS should be installed with the printed side facing the installer. The membrane is to be installed horizontally (parallel to the eave) in a taut manner.

Airtight seals can only be achieved on vapour checks that have been fitted with no folds or creases. Ventilate regularly and systematically to prevent build-up of excessive humidity (e.g. during the construction phase). Occasional, intermittent ventilation is not sufficient to remove large quantities of moisture due to construction work from a building; use a dryer if necessary.

To avoid condensation formation, the thermal insulation should be installed immediately after airtight adhesion of INTELLO X PLUS. This particularly applies when working in winter.

Overlap the membranes by at least 10 cm (4").
Use fastening staples that are at least 10 mm (3/8") wide and 8 mm (5/16") long to attach the membranes. The membranes can only be fastened in a protected manner in the overlap area. The maximum distance between fasteners is 10 to 15 cm (4"-6"); in the case of blown-in insulation: 5 to 10 cm (2" to 4").
Fasteners may not be applied in areas where water runs off in a collected manner (e.g. in roof valleys).
If exposure to the elements is planned, it is recommended to provide additional mechanical support for the membranes (e.g. with counter battens). TESCON NAIDECK mono sticks to counter battens, seals nail holes and improves the level of rain protection.