Testing of work carried out has formed part of the construction process for many trades for some time now.
Sanitation and heating installation technicians routinely test their water or gas pipe connections before these are put into service.
After all, any damage that could occur later will generally be significant, as faults cannot be seen or accessed once plastered over.
Refurbishment costs for structural damage caused by faulty airtightness generally exceed the cost of constructing the building component itself by a factor of 10 to 100.
It is thus always recommended to test the quality of work carried out to rule out the possibility of hidden faults being present.
Testing using the pressure difference procedure is almost always very easy and feasible from a cost viewpoint.

  • Quick and easy quality control of the airtightness layer
  • High fan capacity, large volumes can also be tested reliably
  • Ideal preventative measure against recourse claims and hidden faults thanks to partial acceptance of the airtightness work

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