Waterside passive house
in Greenport, Long Island

This home by the sea in Greenport, Long Island, was built in the 1970s by a German carpenter. The pro clima FRONTA QUATTRO and INTELLO PLUS membranes were used as part of an energy-oriented refurbishment project that brought the building up to Passive House standard.

  • Architects: Loadingdock5, Brooklyn, NY

The retrofitted passive house combines an idyllic waterside location ...

... and sleek interior design!

Impressions of the renovation work

The SOLITEX FRONTA QUATTRO connect breather membrane (weather-resistive barrier, WRB) can be seen here. It can be installed behind closed facades or open-jointed cladding and provides reliable protection for the building structure, as it is highly permeable to diffusion and, at the same time, offers maximum protection against driving rain.

More information about this project can be found on foursevenfive.com or on passivehouseaccelerator.com

The following pro clima products were used in this project: