Transparent full-surface adhesive airtightness and weathering-protection membrane


  • Protects the structure against weathering during the construction phase
  • 3 months of outdoor exposure in Central/Northern Europe, Canada and the northern US; 6 weeks in the rest of the world
  • Preparation work is made easier: markings, connectors and penetrations on timber floors remain visible
  • Safe working: anti-slip surface, even in wet conditions
  • Water-resistant SOLID adhesive ensures quick adhesion to the subsurface and within overlap areas

Areas of application

Temporary protection for floors during construction

Thanks to its full-surface adhesion, this membrane provides temporary protection for intermediate floors on multi-storey CLT (cross-laminated timber) or wooden-frame buildings during the construction period.

Split of the release film

Membrane width Split (approx.)
0.3 m (11 3/4”) No split
0.5 m (19 3/4”) No split
1 m (39 1/2") 0.25 | 0.75 m (10" | 29 1/2")
1.5 m (59") 0.25 | 1.25 m (10" | 49")