Light, full-surface adhesive, diffusion-open airtightness and weathering-protection membrane


  • Protects the structure: diffusion-open and maximum protection against driving rain and hail
  • 4 weeks of outdoor exposure when protecting floors during construction
  • 3 months of outdoor exposure for inclined roofs and walls
  • Keeps building components dry by means of a pore-free moisture-active functional membrane
  • Easy and reliable installation thanks to its split release film – sticks immediately to subsurfaces that have sufficient stability
  • Permanent protection thanks to the high resistance to ageing and heat of the TEEE membrane

Areas of application

Temporary protection for floors during construction

Thanks to its full-surface adhesion, this membrane provides temporary protection for intermediate floors/ceilings on multi-storey CLT (cross-laminated timber) or wooden-frame buildings during the construction period.

Pitched roofs and walls

Allows airtightness to be achieved on wood-based products and mineral subsurfaces – e.g. on the exterior side of unplastered (fair-faced) masonry or concrete components with joints. For roofs, it also fulfils the requirements of the Central Association of the German Roofing Trade (ZVDH) for an underlay and for temporary coverings for the specified time period.

Split of the release film

Membrane width Split (approx.)
0.5 m (19 3/4”) No split
1 m (39 1/2") 0.25 | 0.75 m (10" | 29 1/2")
1.5 m (59") 0.25 | 1.25 m (10" | 49")

System core components

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