Medium-weight roofing underlay with seam and perforation protection, with self-adhesive strips


  • Maximum protection for the roof structure: excellent hail impact resistance as per ETA-23/0532 and VKF (HR5 class)
  • Efficient installation: roofing underlay with seam and perforation protection for roof pitches ≥14° (3:12) without the need for additional sealing measures as per ETA-23/0532
  • Reliable rainproof roof: serves as a sub-roof underlay for roof pitches ≥10° (2.1:12) with TESCON NAIDECK as an additional sealing measure on rigid subsurfaces
  • Quick waterproof adhesion: with sealing lip at the 'connect’ self-adhesive strips on the long edges of the membrane
  • Flexible planning of construction schedules: at least 3 months of outdoor exposure
  • Permanent protection: high resistance to ageing and heat of the functional membrane
  • Reliable during the construction phase: suitable as a temporary covering during the construction period

Areas of application

For use as a diffusion-open roofing underlay on roof sheathing, MDF and wood-fibre underlay panels, and on all thermal insulation materials, including blown-in insulation materials.