SOLITEX QUANTHO 3000 connect

The first 3-in-1 roofing underlay

SOLITEX QUANTHO 3000 connect is a medium-weight roofing underlay with integrated seam and perforation protection, with a European Technical Assessment (ETA).

  • Maximum protection for the roof structure: excellent hail impact resistance as per ETA-23/0532 and VKF (HR5 class)
  • Reliable rainproof roof: serves as a sub-roof underlay for roof pitches ≥10° (2.1:12) with TESCON NAIDECK as an additional sealing measure on rigid subsurfaces, as per ETA-23/0532
  • Efficient installation: serves as a roofing underlay with waterproof seams for roof pitches ≥14° (3:12) without the need for additional sealing measures, as per ETA-23/0532
  • Quick waterproof adhesion: with sealing lip at the 'connect’ self-adhesive strips on the long edges of the membrane

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Transparent weathering-protection membrane

This peel-and-stick membrane provides transparent temporary protection for intermediate floors on multi-storey CLT or wooden-frame buildings during the construction period.

  • All markings and guidelines on timber floors remain visible
  • Full-surface water-resistant adhesive
  • Can be subjected to outdoor exposure
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Complete weather-protection concept for the construction phase

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NEW for 2024:

New products 2022

INTELLO X connect

INTELLO X • One membrane, but many applications!

Humidity-variable, UV-resistant and can be subjected to outdoor exposure

When installed to serve as an airtight membrane underneath over-rafter insulation, INTELLO X provides protection for the underlying structure against the elements during the construction phase. If installed inside a roof underneath between-rafter insulation, this membrane offers excellent resistance to diffuse UV light. The versatility of INTELLO X is underlined by the fact that can be installed on structures that are diffusion-open to the outside or diffusion-tight.

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New products 2021


Diffusion-open, weldable roofing underlay membrane

For use as a 3-ply permeable, homogeneously weldable underlay membrane for demanding sub-roof applications as per the Swiss SIA 232/1 standard. Serves as a rainproof/watertight roof lining in Germany – on an individual contractual basis. Suitable for installation on pressure-resistant subsurfaces, e.g. wooden decking, wood-based panels and wood-fibre underlay panels.

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New products 2020

AEROFIXX • Spraying instead of sticking

Application tool for foil cartridges as part of the AEROSANA system

For particularly quick and easy application of the AEROSANA VISCONN and AEROSANA VISCONN FIBRE sealants from sausage-shaped foil cartridges onto smooth and rough mineral and non-mineral substrates such as timber, wood fibreboards, OSB, stone, plaster, concrete etc. Suitable for compressors with a suction flow rate of at least 300 l/min.

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New products 2019


Sprayable airtightness sealant with a humidity-variable sd value

For use as a humidity-variable vapour retarder and airtight layer that can be applied as a spray or using a brush on wall, ceiling and floor surfaces, such as non-plastered masonry or porous panel-form materials.

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