Humidity-variable vapour retarder and airtight membranes.
The high-performance system from pro clima for maximum reliability – even on structures with demanding engineering conditions.


Approval and composition

INTELLO and INTELLO PLUS consist of a special membrane made from polyethylene copolymer, the fleece and reinforcement are made of polypropylene.
This facilitates easy recycling.

The membranes have been tested

  • for emissions according to the AgBB evaluation scheme.
  • in accordance with the specifications of EN 13984.

They have the CE label and the BBA and NSAI certification.

Officially certified reliability, quality and suitability

  • Independently confirmed durability
  • Construction of all structures in complete accordance with standards and construction law
  • Universal application: Roofs, walls, ceilings
  • Healthy buildings: Structures without chemical wood preservation
  • Reliable performance and quality, monitored by a third-party body


Intello Einsatzbereich

Area of application

The vapour retarding and airproofing membranes INTELLO and INTELLO PLUS can be used in these structures



INTELLO Verarbeitung

Application Guide

For IN­TELLO to work ef­fect­ively it needs to be cor­rectly in­stalled. Find out what you need to con­sider dur­ing the in­stall­a­tion pro­cess here



Systemprodukte Intello

System products

The components in the INTELLO system are optimally coordinated and provide everything you need for reliable airproofing




Planning notes

To exploit the best possible potential freedom from structural damage for INTELLO and INTELLO PLUS, please consider the following points



System INTELLO Funktionsweise - 3D

How it works

IN­TELLO and IN­TELLO PLUS work ac­cord­ing to the prin­ciple of a cli­mate-con­trolled mem­brane. See how this works here



Systemgewährleistung EN

System warranty

We do not leave you on your own. Read here about how extensive the pro clima system warranty is in the worst-case scenario