Wall lining membrane for gap decking up to 50 mm (2"), with self-adhesive zones

Variant without self-adhesive zones


  • Extremely robust and UV-stable: UV ageing test carried out with 10 000 h instead of 5 000 h
  • Dry building components: pore-free TEEE functional membrane actively transports moisture to the outside
  • Ensures reliable building components: permeable, extremely high tear-resistance, windproof, rainproof and waterproof
  • Not visible behind gap decking: black fleece with identification marking in the overlap area
  • 6 months of outdoor exposure
  • Quick and reliable adhesion thanks to the integrated ‘connect’ self-adhesive zones along the membrane strips

Areas of Application

For use as a wall lining membrane behind closed and open facades (gap decking with a gap width of up to 50 mm (2") and 40% open total area). Installation on boarding, wood-based panels and all mat or panel-shaped thermal insulation materials.

System core components

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