Wall lining membrane suitable for wall decking with gap widths of up to 50 mm



  • Five-ply structure with double-layer, monolithic TEEE membrane
  • Optimal drying conditions for wall structures: the pore-free functional membrane actively transports moisture to the outside
  • Permeable and, at the same time, highly rainproof against driving rain
  • Black fleece with identification marking in the overlap area: not visible behind gap formwork
  • Extremely high tear-resistance, windproof, rainproof and waterproof
  • 6 months of natural weathering


Permeable, 5-ply wall lining membrane with double-layer, monotithic TEEE membrane. For use behind closed and open facades (gap decking up to 50 mm (2") and 40% open total area).
Protects insulation material against wind and rain in a reliable, permanent manner.